Consultation, education and training in mindfulness based practices to individuals, schools, and organizations working with the youth of our community. 


A Sampling of Services

In Schools:

Professional Development

 An introduction to mindful awareness principles and approaches. A combination of content and direct practice provides a clear foundation for bringing mindfulness practices to youth. Workshops can be custom designed for teachers, mental health staff or other school personnel.​

In-Service Training

Designed to assist educators in deepening understanding and strengthening mindfulness skills (awareness, attention, focus and concentration). Instruction in how to integrate mindfulness practices into the classroom or educational setting is emphasized. A series of workshops can be designed to help create a sustainable model of mindfulness in the schools.

Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and consultation services are designed to promote sustainability in schools and educational organizations. We can assist educators with building grade specific classroom lessons, creating models for engaging team support and maintaining program momentum over time. Coaching is also available directly to teachers seeking to build their own practice and skills.

In the Community

Introduction to Mindfulness

In this introductory and experiential series, participants will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness while engaging in practices to develop resilience, self-awareness and compassion. They will learn to attend to stressful situations with less reactivity and a greater sense of calm. Building practices into daily life will help benefit work, relationships, and personal well-being.

Clinical Trainings

Clinical trainings are designed for mental health professionals to increase their comfort and skills in bringing mindfulness practices into clinical settings with children and teens. Trainings can be custom designed to meet the needs of a group and are available from 2 hour workshops to full or multiple day programs. Play therapy specific trainings are available.

Parent Training

Parent workshops offer the opportunity to learn and experience mindful awareness practices specifically related to parenting and caregiving. Mindful awareness has been shown to deepen and enrich healthy connections both within oneself and with others fostering healthy personal, interpersonal and family dynamics.

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