Always wonderful! Very useful - can put learning to practice right away!

Teacher, Williamsville Central Schools

Awesome training on such a vital topic. Very knowledgeable and full of ideas. Thank You!

Teacher, Williamsville Central Schools

The practices were doable and realistic. I thought it was well done and informative. I was a little skeptical when I came but left feeling "I need to do this. I can do this".

Teacher, Gowanda Central Schools

The focus on developing strategies for US, then our students was very helpful.

Teacher, Gowanda Central Schools

Sincerely enjoyable to learn these mindful(ness) techniques - Can't wait to put it into practice. 

Teacher, Buffalo Public School

Everything was excellent. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and am looking forward to exploring the resources and practicing mindfulness with my students.

Teacher, Buffalo Public School

This will benefit my students by incorporating mindfulness techniques into my therapy sessions. A lot of my students have pragmatic/social difficulties that can be worked on with the mindfulness techniques I learned tonight.

Speech Therapist

This will benefit me personally… As I try to be more aware and cognizant of what is happening around me in the present moment. I will use (what I learned) to pause before I respond to things around me.

Secondary Teacher, Southtown Teacher Center

I promised the juniors at Sacred Heart Academy a gift this year: mindfulness instruction. Even I did not know how valuable a gift it would become. Our young women have been given tools and techniques to help them navigate with relative peace and well-being the most challenging year of high school. I am grateful for our partnership with Grow Mindful WNY. Their mindfulness practitioners bring their background in education and social work to the classroom, and the students can see and experience through the demeanor and presence of these practitioners the value and benefit of the practice in every day life. Even more important than my gratitude is the gratitude of the students who have learned the practice and have experienced the benefits of meditation.

Jennifer Demert, Head of School, Sacred Heart Academy


Selected photos courtesy of Linda Dugan